Looking for Fox & Fir Design? That's us!


Hey There!

I'm Sam, and I started Fox & Fir Design in the summer of 2016 in an effort to help our environment the only way I know how. I live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with my partner Matt and our dog, Foxy. 

They always tell you to play to your strengths, to do what you love, and share what you know. Well, I love nature, hiking, comic books, sci-fi, and watching all sorts of YouTube videos. So I made a puntastic shirt, combining an iconic trail with an iconic transport vehicle, but I was nervous. Were there really people like me, couch potatoes who do occasionally get outside and appreciate nature?

Turns out the answer is a resounding heck yeah!

So, my friends, this is it. The culmination of decades of honing my artistic skills and consuming endless amounts of content to create nerdtastic designs inspired by our lovely planet. The best part is helping out some fantastic eco-non-profits.

Thanks for checking out this crazy little corner of the internet, for giving this a read, and especially for giving a fox!

Quick Shout Outs!

Every shirt is lovingly hand-screened by Grift Town Goods, a local, woman-owned business. Our stickers are produced by Asheville Fine Art Printing. As a participant in GoLocal, we absolutely love being a part of the inspiring community of small businesses in the area. Plus, it saves on shipping and carbon gases, so it's a win-win!

Product photography is by Sarah Hooker and Chelsea Lane, y'all should definitely check out their work!

Nature photography is by Very Good Photographer, check out his stuff too!

 Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see what events we'll pop up at too!