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The Buzzzzzz About Bees

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Hi! I’m Sam Kearney, and I am absolutely terrified of bees. They ruin outdoor ice cream enjoyment, can cause car accidents if trapped on the wrong side of the driver side window, and when I was in kindergarten, one in particular stung my arm, which swelled up really bad.

Pictured: Me, if there's a bee nearby

But you know what terrifies me more than bees?

What will happen if they’re not around.

Bees are super important. Studies suggest that bees are responsible for 1/3 of our food supply, and 80% of plant life as we know it. They’re responsible for so much more than a certain tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff’s favorite comfort food.

He had a problem, you guys, and we did nothing

You may not know what rambutan is, and you may still hate brussel sprouts, but apples, vanilla, avocados, even coffee is in jeopardy if we don’t help out the hive. Yes, you read that right, goodbye Instagram-worthy lattes, and hello afternoon lethargy! Curious about what other foods will disappear if we do nothing? Check out this extensive list from Natural Society. Go ahead, take a peek, I’ll wait.

…Scary, right?

A big problem is that pesticides containing neonicotinoids have been causing a decline in bee populations, called Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. Basically, the neonicotinoids cause the bees to lose their minds, and they forget how to get back to the hive. Since the health of the hive depends on every bee doing their part, the sharp decline in the bee populace has severely negative consequences.

That’s not great news, BUT there is something we can do to take away the sting!

I don’t want to wax poetic about the importance of organizations like The Honeybee Conservancy, but honey, I can’t help myself! Not only do they generate buzz around this problem, but they’re combing the nation for communities that need help the most. You better bee-lieve tha… OKAY okay, fine, I’ll lay off the puns, geeeez…

The Honeybee Conservancy, and their Sponsor-A-Hive program is a national organization that is committed to saving the bees, fostering healthy habits, and supporting local food economies.

“Sponsor-A-Hive empowers communities two ways,” explains Hannah, Project Manager of Sponsor-A-Hive, “First, bees and hives are a natural environmental educator for kids and adults alike. Second, bees help increase yield of the garden produce available to “food deserts” and other underserved communities. The food goes to the community, school cafeterias and food banks.”

Not only do the bees get a boost, but thanks to this program, a real connection between person and produce is illustrated. Understanding and respecting the delicate nature of food production will foster better practices in the future, leading to a more sustainable world.

So, what can we do to help?

Bee Mandala 

There’s so much we can do to help out the hive! You can plant wildflower mixes that support bee health, refrain from using harmful pesticides, and start a conversation about hive health by wearing our Bee Mandala shirt. A portion of the proceeds of each item sold with this design goes directly towards Sponsor-A-Hive.

This Bee Mandala is our flagship design, incorporating several symbolic elements that pay homage to our buzzing buddies. Flowers, honeycomb, and hives, all dance around in a golden mandala. This piece represents finding the peace and acceptance of all parts of nature, despite any distress that may or may not occur whenever a friendly pollinator is buzzing about its business.

Our goal is to spread a more harmonious view of nature, instead of trying to control or destroy what we fear, we encourage learning more about it, living with it, and finding the beauty within it from a place of acceptance and love.

Sam wearing a Bee Mandala sustainable shirt

And maybe, if a bee sees you wearing this shirt, they’ll sense you’re helping them out and they won’t sting you?*

Bee sure to join us all August long on Instagram and Facebook for fun bee facts, inspirational stories, and tid-bits from our favorite bzzznesses. Want to be featured on our site? Take a picture with your swag and tag it #wegiveafox!

*Disclaimer: This shirt is not a bee repellent. Please don’t sue us if you get stung wearing our shirts.

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