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Solar Chakra - Compassionate Sustainability

Posted by Sam Kearney on

Welcome to the third entry of our series: Compassionate Sustainability! Over the next several weeks, we'll be exploring the seven chakras, the lessons we can learn from nature, and how to be more compassionate participants on this planet. If you missed our previous posts about the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra, I encourage you to start your journey there :)

Solar Chakra

Now that we've grounded ourselves and added joy back into our daily routine, we are ready to move on to the Solar Chakra. Located a couple of inches above your navel, this chakra is all about self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. When not properly cared for, depletion of the Solar Chakra energy may leave you feeling frustrated, unfocused, and unmotivated. Instead of being the hero/ine of your story, you feel more like the damsel/dude in distress.

When your Solar Chakra is aligned, you'll have more confidence, more self-control, and be able to make more sound decisions for your personal and professional life. Remember, nothing long-lasting has ever been built on a weak foundation! Take the time to make sure your basic survival needs and emotional needs are met.

Try a few of these to recharge your Solar Chakra...

  1. For a quick visualization, imagine that there is a yellow glow about two inches above your naval. Focus on the color and your breath.
  2. Yoga poses that help include Plank, Half Lord of the Fishes, and if you can manage it, Bow Pose.
  3. Attend a class or workshop on something you've wanted to learn for a while.
  4. Step outside and take in some good ol' sunshine!

Coming at such an overwhelming topic like environmental protection will only be successful if we do so with a clear head and full heart. Have you ever tried to help someone without being in a good place yourself? It usually doesn't work out too well. The same notion works for our relationship with our planet. Only when coming from a level-headed, compassionate place, can we affect real, lasting change.

So what can you do this week to be in that level headed space? Share your story in the comments (which I literally just realized could be turned on). If you're looking for inspiration, join us this Saturday at Dogwood Alliance's Woods & Wilds 20th Anniversary Celebration!

This week I am committing to maintaining a level headspace, especially with The Big Crafty right around the corner (Sunday, Dec 4th eep!). Stop by our booth and say hi!

compassionate sustainability

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