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Sacral Chakra - Compassionate Sustainability

Posted by Sam Kearney on

Welcome to the second entry of our series: Compassionate Sustainability! Over the next several weeks, we'll be exploring the seven chakras, the lessons we can learn from nature, and how to be more compassionate participants on this planet. If you missed our first post about the Root Chakra, I encourage you to start your journey there :)

Sacral Chakra - Natura Chakras

Now that we've taken the steps to ground and nurture ourselves, and take care of our most basic needs, we are ready to move on to the Sacral Chakra. Located between your tailbone and your navel, this chakra affects your emotional self. When not properly cared for, disruption in the Sacral Chakra can lead to impulsive decisions, guilt, a block in creativity, and an overall unwell feeling.

When your Sacral Chakra is well taken care of, you'll find yourself recognizing the abundance in your life, much like the Root Chakra, you'll experience a state of flow with the world around you. When things click together, it creates less havoc and stress, and allows you to deeply connect with your creative/problem solving side. 

Here are some actions to take when opening your Sacral Chakra.

  1. For a quick visualization, imagine that there is an orange glow about 2 inches below your navel. Focus on the color and your breath.
  2. Great yoga poses for support include Warrior II, Goddess Pose, Pigeon Pose, really any pose that lets you loosen up those hips.
  3. Don't be too serious! The Sacral Chakra is most nourished by letting joy take space in your day.
  4. Recognize that your sexuality/sensuality is not only allowed, but encouraged, as this passion often fuels creative endeavors as much as fulfilling relationships. It's part of what makes us human!
  5. Don't forget to check in with your Root Chakra, to help support a healthy, well balanced Sacral Chakra (all the way up to your Crown!)

Lately, whenever anyone brings up issues concerning sustainability, and cleaner living as a society and a species, there seems to be a lot of doom and gloom. In my experience, once we think about something as a lost cause, it becomes written off in our minds, and no further action is taken. That's the last thing we want, especially since it's not too late to make a positive, fun, and lasting change!

In the spirit of letting joy take space, what can we do to make environmental protection more fun?

  • Go for a hike and pick up any trash you may find on the trail
  • Opt for public transportation, a bike ride, or leisurely stroll over driving. Personally, I enjoy taking the bus with a nice book or sketch pad to pass the time (or you can, like, talk to people, if you're into that)
  • Join a river clean up or other group initiative! Local environmental non-profits like MountainTrue and Dogwood Alliance regularly have volunteering events that are so beneficial (and fulfilling!)
  • Explore your local farmer's market for inspiration in the kitchen. Not only is the food fresher, but it saves on our carbon footprint, helps support a strong local economy, and you may even feel more in tune with your community!

Choose a fun new eco-friendly habit to incorporate into your existing routine, while being careful not to try to do too much at once. Remember, taking small, considered steps towards a goal is much better than trying to sprint towards the finish line, only to burn out halfway through the race. Have patience and compassion with yourself!

This week, I will continue to nurture my Root Chakra, while also listening to my Sacral Chakra's needs. I hope you'll do the same!


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