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Please Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Posted by Sam Kearney on

Hi! I'm Sam, and this is my story.

About two years ago I was in a dark place, incredibly depressed and anxious, feeling helpless and hopeless, and had made a perfect indentation in the couch from where I had laid in the fetal position so many times.

Hang in there, it get's better!

Day after day passed and I didn't feel like there was anything I could do to help myself, let alone my community or planet. Nothing was good enough, I wasn't smart enough, or rich enough, or well connected. 

One day, possibly in-between mouthfuls of cold pizza, I realized something very simple, but powerful. Every decision has the potential to make a positive impact.

So I got to work. I started racking my brain, researching, drafting designs and finally, a month later, the first printed shirt came out of the dryer. The Bee Mandala, a design to help out honeybees!

Here's the thing about t-shirts. You know how in nature, animals and plants are colored and patterned differently to warn predators about its toxicity, or flashing plumage to attract a mate? 

That's it for humans, t-shirts are those signals! It's the simplest form of protest, it's a quick way to let those around you know who you are and what you're into. You can make friends, start conversations, and even bring people joy with cotton and ink, how cool is that?!

It started with a shirt, and has grown into a movement, helping seven eco-non-profits with a goal to be contributing to 13 by the end of 2018!

I'll be real here, this is just a post to shake the cobwebs loose and get back into writing for y'all. Over the coming weeks, I'll be sharing tons of great content with you like

  • Simple and fun sustainability hacks
  • The best, underrated hikes of WNC
  • Features from non-profits we work with
  • Showcasing stories of people and teams who give a fox

and so much more! I'm so excited to share all of this with you, there are so many ideas, but I'd love to hear what you'd like to see more of too! Feel free to reach out on Instagram (and Facebook, if that's your thing) and share your ideas!

Thanks for reading, hope you have a lovely day!

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